About Us

    WINS Sensor Networks LLC. is a system solution provider for the applications in the emerging markets of Machine to Machine(M2M) Communications and Internet of Things(IoT). We are affiliated with and representating Zhejiang WINS Wireless Network Technology Ltd. to develop the North American markets for WINS products. Our goal is to provide value-added system products customized specifically to meet the needs of the North American market audiences, including our software platform featuring easy to plugin APIs for multi-level system integration to M2M and IoT applications. 

WINS Products

    WINS current product line consists of wireless sensors and tags based on active RFID (radio frequency identifier) technology at 2.4GHz ISM band. The design principle of our products is to achieve extra low power consumption for small-footprint sensors and tags with an operation life up to 10 years on a single lithium button battery. Our sensors and tags have excellent signal penetration in complex, such as metallic, environments. At 0dBm transmission power, they are accessible from a distance of up to 300 meters in open space. The design and manufacturing process of our technology has been proven successful throughout many application systems deployed in the past few years. See details on case studies >>
    WINS ongoing software platform includes easy to plugin edgeware (gateway), middleware and GUI components with local and/or web-based SOA (service oriented architecture) APIs. The platform will make WINS products widely applicable to North America vertical markets with minimal system integration cost.       
    Based on the advanced active RFID and WSN (wireless sensor network) technology, our products have following key features: 
  • Extra low power consumption: as low as 3uA on average for a 10 year battery life
  • Extra large coverage: up to 300 meters (open space) at  0dBm transmission
  • Bidirectional and programmable interface: dynamic parameter setting 
  • Small footprint and weatherproof: coin size package, outdoor heat and water resistant
  • Easy to plugin application APIs:  at device, middleware and user interface levels 
  • Most competitive price in the market: low cost production for both high end and low end products with guaranteed reliability through a rigorous testing process

WINS Solutions

    WINS sensors and tags are preffered products for our M2M solutions. However, we are open to provide a wide range of M2M solutions that may not entail directly using WINS sensors or tags. One of our goals is to facilitate operations between companies from US and China, helping those at both ends to identify and acquire accordingly what are the most appropriate resources for the best solutions. The services in this regard include, but not limited to, application system development outsourcing, business contract interfacing and/or technology consulting. 
   We have strong ties to China at various points in the M2M value chain, including design, manufacturing, application development as well as market deployment. These enable us to build constructive relationship between US and Chinese companies with the aim of best utilizing Chinese resources to cater to North American markets.  
    On the other hand, we are based in United States and are privileged to work for the top research and development institutes in the field. We are able to provide technology consulting services, combining 
state-of-arts technology and practical knowledge 
in the field of M2M communications and Internet of Things. 
    Please contact us for further detailed information about WINS.